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New Year's Eve, 1940 - Folkestone, Kent It was mid afternoon in Kent, when machine gun fire from a German bomber hit the London to Margate train.  At Folkestone, there was a Grand Spitfire Dance to the music of Bobby's Sweet Rhythm Orchestra. The income from admission would go to the Folkestone Herald Spitfire Fund …   just enough, with what had already been accumulated, to pay for one more spitfire.   At midnight, with Folkestone in darkness and no bells to ring in the New Year everyone sang "Auld Lang Syne".  In the distance you could hear but a few peeps from some ships in the darkened harbour.  That afternoon a spitfire had tried to get down in terrible weather conditions and had crashed in flames.  For the young pilot his finest hour had passed and like so many of the few, with their enthusiasm and sense of duty, he was not to be around when the final peace was won.  It was New Year's Eve, 1940. (As presented in stage productions of Time To Remember Tragedy and Triumph 2005-2007)
 Folkestone, Kent World War II Air Raid Statistics (from Frontline Folkestone (by Folkestone, Hythe, and District Herald - 1945) Raid Warnings  2914   Local Alarm Signals 1235   Shell Warnings 102 No. of Air Raids 102   No. of HE Bombs  519 Parachute mines  Killed  88 Seriously injured  152 Slightly injured  308 Flying bombs  - destroyed on or over Folkestone   26  - destroyed seawards of Folkestone  602                    Killed 3   Seriously injured  24  Slightly injured  128 Shelling - Number of Occasions 36 Shells on land  218 Killed 32  Seriously injured  64   Slightly injured 102 Properties badly damaged  - 14,141 Casualty totals Killed 123  Seriously injured 240  Slightly injured  538
A main WWII battery for the area near Folkestone.  The guns were originally installed on HMS Hood and were removed and placed here in 1940 to protect against a German Naval invasion.
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New Year's Eve, 1940   Folkestone, Kent