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The Wartime Heritage Exhibit Opens At The Yarmouth Mall March 28, 2008 On    Saturday,    March    22nd,    the    Wartime    Heritage Association   opened   the   doors   to   a   Wartime   Exhibit   at the   Yarmouth   Mall,   in   Yarmouth,   Nova   Scotia.   On   that afternoon some 200 people visited the Exhibit. For   many   visitors,   the   photos   and   displays   brought back   memories   of   wartime   Yarmouth   and   led   to   many sharing    stories    of    wartime    Yarmouth    and    wartime experience. The   final   touches   were   put   on   the   display   of   photos, artefacts,   and   uniforms   of   the   First   and   Second   World War   late   on   Thursday   evening.   The   space   has   been provided   by   the   Yarmouth   Mall   Administration   for   the Exhibit. Visitors   to   the   exhibit   have   an   opportunity   to   learn about   the   wartime   history   of   Yarmouth   through   the   information   panels   on   Camp   60   (Canadian   Infantry   Basic   Training   Center), East   and   West   Camps   of   RCAF   Station   Yarmouth.   Included   in   the   various   display   cabinets   are   a   variety   of   items   relating   to   the history of the war years. Uniforms, flags, and photos are also on display. A   special   feature   of   the   exhibit   is   a   collection   of   newspaper   clippings   from   World   War   II   that   tell   of   the   contribution   of   men   and women from Yarmouth County. Individual stories are also featured in the display. A   section   of   the   exhibit   also   features   the   history   of   440   Productions.   Performance   programs   (Playbills),   Stage   and   Video Productions covers, re-enactment photos, and the YMCA Peace Medal awarded to 440 Productions are on display. The   Wartime   Exhibit   is   a   work   in   progress   and   in   the   coming   months   changes   will   be   made   to   the   displays   and   information panels as new material is prepared and acquired for display. The   Opening   Day   was   staffed   by   Beth   Dalton,   Glen   Gaudet,   and   Gary   Gaudet.   The   exhibit   photos,   artefacts,   and   uniform presentations   were   prepared   by   George   Egan   with   the   assistance   of   Ian   Chen,   a   student   at   St   Francis   Xavier   University,   Rodrigo Cabanas,    and    Glen    Gaudet.    Students    at    Yarmouth    Consolidated    Memorial    High    School    have    also    been    involved    in    the preparation of stories to be displayed over the coming months. The   Association   wishes   to   thank   Linda   Deveau   and   the   Yarmouth   Mall   for   partnering   with   Wartime   Heritage   Association   to remember   Yarmouth's   wartime   history   and   heritage.   The   Yarmouth   Mall   Administration   Office   was   intrumental   in   making   the Wartime Exhibit possible by offering the space in the Mall. The hours of the Wartime Exhibit are posted at the Yarmouth Mall. The Exhibit will be open until the end of June 2008. Read   other   articles   on   the   Wartime   Exhibit   in   The   Vanguard,   Putting   Our   History   On   Display ,   and   the   Editorial,   Keeping   Our Wartime Heritage Alive , from February 26, 2008.
The Wartime Heritage Exhibit Opens At The Yarmouth Mall March 28, 2008