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The following 114 served with the 85th Battalion with connections to Yarmouth Town and County based upon the Wartime Heritage research to March 2018. 25 of the 114 with connections to Yarmouth Town and County died in service between 1914 and 1915 Adams, Charles Franklin Adams, Clarence Wilber Allen, George Sheldon Allen, Trueman Moore Amiro, Louis Ross Ashe, Wilfred Laurier Bain, Robert Edison Baker, George Charles Baker, Karl Wyman Blauvelt, Aaron Brackett, Kenneth Bradford Bullerwell, Frank William Burke, Emilien Cain, Irvin Samuel Cann, Gilbert Franklin Cann, Llyod Ellery Cann, William Moses Chipman, Nathan Lewis Churchill, Nathan L Churchill, Albert Clayton Churchill, Chester King Clements, Elkanah Ernest Clements, Nathan St Clair Clements, Simon Cook, George Stanley Crosby, Charles Augustus Crosby, Thomas Carleson Crowell, Harvey Edwin Crowell, Johnathan Curry, Emerson Ladd D'Entremont, Melbourne D'Eon, Luxime Elie Dexter, James Wilbur Doane, James Freeman Doucette, Joseph Clifford Doucette, Simon Earl, Clifford H. Eldridge, Henry Eugene Eldridge, James Harvey Gaudet, Rene Paul Gaudet, Timothy Israel Gavel, Gilman Bond Gavel, Roy Ferguson Goodwin, Sidney Harold Gray, Colin Crawford Hamilton, Clifford William Hamilton, Percy Morton Hatfield, Lent Peter Haycock, Carleton Augustus Hessie, Frank Arthur Hilton, Austin Hilton, Charles Ivan Hilton, Ross Laverne Hines, Lester Grant Holden, Ephraim Havelock Horner, Albinus William Hubbard, Peter John Jeffery, Albert Lawson Jeffery, George Maynard Jeffery, Joseph Bunker Killam, Boyce Scott Killam, Clare Vernon Killam, Everett Delmar Killam, Scott Boyce Langille, Carmen Lomert Larkin, Ralph Walter Lauder, Robert Enwright Lavan, Wilfred Joseph LeBlanc, Charles Morel Lennox, Leslie Ashton Lovitt, Garnet Lincoln Chase Mack, Robert Thornton Mallett, James William Moses, George Melbourne Moses, William Stanley Muise, George Percy Muise, Harry Muise, Louis Murphy, Milton Nichols, Ansel Hamilton Nickerson, Alvin Rupert Nickerson, Aubrey Eugene Nickerson, Osmond Rupert Nickerson, Randall Sinclair Owen, Percy Dor Parker, Leslie William Parker, Percy St. John Pierce, Douglas Coy Pitman, Hugh Campbell Poole, Charles Edgar Porter, Herman Leslie Porter, John Leslie Powers, Henry William Price, John James Prouty, George Roberts, Arnold Ross Roberts, Elgin Clifford Robinson, Gordon Keith Sabean, Leslie Willis Saulnier, Irwin Clarence Smith, Jerrod Leroy Stingel, George Ronald Studley, Enoch Saunders Surette, Peter Sweeney, George Clifford Sweeney, Percy Sinclair Treffry, Hallett Archibald Uhlman, James Cornelius Uhlman, William Thomas Grierson Walsh, David Joseph Wheaton, Jack Merritt Whitman, George Robert Whitman, William Healey Woollard, Edwin Wyman, Maynard Brown
85th Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders - World War I Yarmouth Connections
The 85th Battalion was authorized on 14 September 1915 and embarked for Great Britain on October 12, 1916. The troops disembarked in France on February 10, 1917. The Battalion fought as part of the 12th Infantry Brigade, 4th Canadian Division, in France and Flanders until the end of the war.
85th Battalion on their way up the line. (July 1917)
85th Battalion on their way up the line. (August 1917)
Sir Douglas Haig congratulating 85th Battalion. Battle of Amiens. (August 1918)
Battle Honours The 85th Battalion Arras, 1917, 1918 Vimy, 1917 Ypres, 1917 Passchendaele Scarpe, 1918 Amiens Drocourt-Quéant Hindenburg Line Canal du Nord Valenciennes Sambre France and Flanders, 1917-1918
Trueman Allen
Nathan Churchill
Nathan Lewis Chipman
Edwin Woollard
George Robert Whitman
William Stanley Moses
Scott Boyce Killam (1912)
Austin Hilton
Clifford William Hamilton
Gilman Bond Gavel
Simon Doucette
James Freeman Doane
Luxime Elie D'Eon
Emilien Burke