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Remembering World War I
The Cenotaph, located in front of the Yarmouth County Library, Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia lists the names of 173 men and women from Yarmouth Town and County who lost their lives during World War I. Of these, the following 14 died after November 11, 1918 Berriman, Percy Adelbert - 1st Depot Battalion/17th Reserve Churchill, Nathan L. - Canadian Engineers; Died March 3, 1919 Foulis, George Irving - 2nd Pioneers; Died February 12, 1919 Hubbard, George Edward - 25th Battalion; Died March 10, 1922 Lawrence, Louis - Canadian Forestry Corps; Died April 22, 1920 Muise, Albert J. - Civilian Death; Died May 14, 1921 Muise, John E. - Unknown battalion; Died May 7, 1921 Muise, John F. - Veteran Boer War; British Army (Unknown) Roy, James Henry - Veteran Boer War/WWI; Died November 25, 1922 Suttie, Raymond Dalton - 40th Battalion; Died September 25, 1921 Taylor, Howard William - 219th Battalion; Died January 13, 1920 Titus, William Peter - Canadian Army Medical Corps; Died March 21, 1971 Travis, Gordon R. - Canadian Railway Troops; Died February 5, 1919 Vickery, Alexander J. - Canadian Forestry Corps; Died December 21, 1918 Two names were listed in error on the Yarmouth Memorial d'Entremont, William A Crowell, Thomas D.
The Yarmouth Town and County War Memorial
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The Wartime Heritage Association Casualty Page lists 169 war dead with the addition of the following 29 names 15 Born in Yarmouth/Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia Allen, Joseph Hamilton 27th Battalion; Sept. 15, 1916 Anderson, Alexander John 26th Battalion; July 4, 1917 Ellis, Ivan Earl 26th Infantry Division, ‘B’ Company , American Expeditionary Force, France: July 1, 1918 Holly, James Walter 25th Battalion; August 8, 1918 Hulsman, Chester Howard 3rd Brigade, CFA; July 27, 1916 King, Gordon Willoughby USS Chicago, US Navy; June 23, 1917 MacKinnon, Norman Scott Chief Skipper HMCS Niobe RCN; February 28, 1918 McDonnell, Robert 44th Battalion; Oct. 26, 1917 (born Argyle, Yarmouth Co. NS) Matheson, Charles 236th Battalion McComiskey, Edward Charles 73rd Battalion Muise, Cyril William 219th Battalion (born Quinan, Yarmouth Co., NS) Perry, Wilfred 3rd Battalion; November 6, 1917 Wheaton, Jack Merritt 85th Battalion; April 9, 1917 Williams, Charles Henry Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry; October 1, 1918 Withycombe, Keith Dalston Royal Field Artillery; October 22, 1918 Wright, John Joseph The King's (Liverpool Regiment); March 22, 1918 1 Resident of Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia at enlistment: MacDonnell, Gladwyn John Canadian Machine Gun Corps, 2nd Battalion; Aug. 13, 1918 (born in Shelburne Co., NS) 5 Enlisted in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Melanson, Benoit Joseph 25th Battalion; Aug. 9, 1918 (born in Grosses Coques, Digby Co., NS) Murphy, Roy Vincent 38th Battalion; Sept. 2, 1918 (born in Lockeport, Shelburne Co., NS) Thimot, Odelpha 14th Battalion; Sept. 27, 1918 (born in Saulnierville, Digby County, NS) Sholds, Clarence Melvin The Royal Canadian Regiment; Nov. 11, 1918 (born in Doctor's Cove, Shelburne Co., NS) Steele, Elezer 25th Battalion; April 27, 1916 (Northern Bay, Bay De Verde, Newfoundland) 1 Buried in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia Andrews, Alexander Carl United States Navy; Oct. 1, 1918 (buried in the Arcadia Cemetery) 2 Killed in the Halifax Explosion d’Entremont, Albany A. SS Stella Maris (Tug), December 6, 1917 (born in West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., NS) Doane, Henry Clinton Schooner F W Roebling, December 6, 1917 (born in Yarmouth, NS) 3 Related to Residents of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Hurlburt, David Seamore 13th Battalion; September 2, 1918 (son of David and Sarah Hurlburt, of Yarmouth, NS) Gavel, Sidney John 53rd Australian Infantry Battalion; July 19, 1916 (grandson of Andrew Stillman Gavel, Gavelton, Yarmouth Co., NS) Scarth, James Arnold Percival 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles; June 2, 1916 (Brother of H. A. C. Scarth of Yarmouth, NS.) Muise, Benjamin Archibald 6th Battalion Canadian Garrison Regiment (born in Amirault’s Hill)
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