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Remembrance Day November 11, 2021 The Cenotaph, located in front of the Yarmouth County Library on Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, unveiled on June 9, 1923, lists 173 World War I and 117 World War II casualties with connection to Yarmouth Town and County. The Cenotaph includes names of those born in Yarmouth Town and County. In some cases those born elsewhere, but who were residents of Yarmouth at their enlistment, were included. In 1923 the Cenotaph committee relied on families and individuals to submit names for inclusion on the Cenotaph. Military records were not readily available to the committee, families had moved from Yarmouth County, or military casualties had no immediate relative to submit a name to be included. Over the past nine years, research by Wartime Heritage has identified sixteen (16) World War I and twenty-seven (27) World War II additional casualties born in Yarmouth Town and County not listed on the Cenotaph. Using similar criteria to the Cenotaph committee, there are thirteen (13) additional World War I and twenty-one (21) additional World War II names with connection to Yarmouth Town and County who died in service to the Country. Captain John F. Cahan, of Hebron, delivered the unveiling address. His concluding remarks were: “So when you pass this spot turn not aside without respectful salutation. Never let it be said of us that we failed to do proper honor to our soldier dead; the defenders of our institutions and of our liberties. Make of this bronze and stone a living token of eternal gratitude, that all may know that such are the deeds you hold in reverence and honor. Soldiers, your countrymen salute you, and pledge themselves that your memory and this shrine will be sacred to them forever” As we remember those who have their names inscribed on the Cenotaph, also to be remembered are the following: World War I (16) Born in Yarmouth/Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia Allen, Joseph Hamilton 27th Battalion; Sept. 15, 1916 Anderson, Alexander John 26th Battalion; July 4, 1917 Ellis, Ivan Earl 26th Infantry Division ‘B’ Company, American Expeditionary Force, France; July 1, 1918 Holly, James Walter 25th Battalion; August 8, 1918 Hulsman, Chester Howard 3rd Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery; July 27, 1916 King, Gordon Willoughby USS Chicago, US Navy; June 23, 1917 MacKinnon, Norman Scott Chief Skipper HMCS Niobe, RCN; February 28, 1918 McDonnell, Robert 44th Battalion; Oct. 26, 1917 Matheson, Charles 236th Battalion; September 10, 1917 Muise, Cyril William 219th Battalion; December 6, 1918 McComiskey, Edward Charles 73rd Battalion; March 21, 1916 Perry, Wilfred 3rd Battalion; November 6, 1917 Wheaton, Jack Merritt 85th Battalion; April 9, 1917 Williams, Charles Henry Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry; October 1, 1918 Withycombe, Keith Dalston Royal Field Artillery; October 22, 1918 Wright, John Joseph The King's (Liverpool Regiment); March 22, 1918 (1) Resident of Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia at Enlistment MacDonnell, Gladwyn John Canadian Machine Gun Corps, 2nd Battalion; Aug. 13, 1918 (born in Shelburne Co., NS) (5) Enlisted in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Melanson, Benoit Joseph 25th Battalion; Aug. 9, 1918 (born in Grosses Coques, Digby Co., NS) Murphy, Roy Vincent 38th Battalion; Sept. 2, 1918 (born in Lockeport, Shelburne Co., NS) Thimot, Odelpha 14th Battalion; Sept. 27, 1918 (born in Saulnierville, Digby County, NS) Sholds, Clarence Melvin The Royal Canadian Regiment; Nov. 11, 1918 (born in Doctor's Cove, Shelburne Co., NS) Steele, Elezer 25th Battalion; April 27, 1916 (Northern Bay, Bay De Verde, Newfoundland) (1) Buried in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia Andrews, Alexander Carl United States Navy; Oct. 1, 1918 (buried in the Arcadia Cemetery) (2) Killed in the Halifax Explosion d’Entremont, Albany A. SS Stella Maris (Tug), December 6, 1917 (born in West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., NS) Doane, Henry Clinton Schooner F W Roebling, December 6, 1917 (born in Yarmouth, NS) (3) Related to Residents of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Hurlburt, David Seamore 13th Battalion; September 2, 1918 (son of David and Sarah Hurlburt, of Yarmouth, NS) Gavel, Sidney John 53rd Australian Infantry Battalion; July 19, 1916 (grandson of Andrew Gavel,Gavelton, Yarmouth Co., NS) Scarth, James Arnold Percival 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles; June 2, 1916 (Brother of H. A. C. Scarth of Yarmouth, NS.) (1) Post War Death Muise, Benjamin Archibald 6th Battalion, Canadian Garrison Regiment World War II (27) Born in the Town of Yarmouth /Yarmouth County Amero, Alfred John December 2, 1944 (Sergeant) West Nova Scotia Regiment, RCIC (b. Yarmouth NS) Babine, Louis A. October 17, 1942 (Private) 906th Guard Squadron, United States Army Air Force (b. Glenwood, Yarmouth Co., NS Berry, Raymond February 6, 1941 (Fireman and Trimmer) SS Maplecourt (Montreal), Canadian Merchant Navy (b. Yarmouth NS) Boudreau, Herbert Andrew October 28, 1944 (Private) Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, RCIC (b. Lower Melbourne, Yarmouth Co., NS Comeau, Emile Joseph December 15, 1943 (Private) 48th Highlanders of Canada, RCIC (b. Yarmouth NS) Crosby, Frank Killam March 8, 1944 (Captain) US Army Troop Transport SS Yarmouth (b. Chebogue, Yarmouth Co., NS) Crowell William September 21, 1941 (Able Seaman) SS Lissa (Glasgow, Scotland) (b. Yarmouth NS) D'Entremont, Alcide Joseph November 10, 1946 (Private) Royal Canadian Infantry Corps (b. Upper West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., NS D’Entremont, Frank Stephens July 18, 1943 (Private) Carleton and York Regiment, RCIC (b. West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., NS Dixon, William Henry August 16, 1942 (Private) Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada (b. Yarmouth NS) Dow, Leonard Arthur July 25, 1943 (Private) Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, RCIC (b. Yarmouth NS) Duffy, Warren Alvin August 7, 1944 (Flight Lieutenant) 617 RAF Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force (b. Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., NS) Fells, Roy Morton December 2, 1943 (Sergeant) Royal Canadian Artillery (b. Yarmouth NS) Forsythe, Percy Campbell January 19, 1942 (Messman) SS City of Atlanta, US Merchant Marine ((b. Yarmouth NS) Gray, Everett R. June 7, 1944 (Private) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (b. Kemptville, Yarmouth Co., NS) Hubbard, Fred L. March 11, 1944 (Staff Sergeant) 182nd Infantry Regiment (Americal Division; US Army) (b. Pubinco, Yarmouth Co., NS) Leblanc, James May 14, 1943 (Able Seaman) SS Centaur (Liverpool, England), Australian Merchant Navy (b. Yarmouth Co., NS) Murphy, Harry October 19, 1940 (Engineman) HMCS Bras D’Or Royal Canadian Navy Reserve (b. Yarmouth NS) Newell, Daniel Edward Treymain August 3, 1940 (Lieutenant) HM Sub Thames, Royal Navy (b. Yarmouth NS) Parker, Douglas Roger September 27, 1943 (Pilot Officer) 407 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force (b. Yarmouth NS) Porter, Ralph Everett April 9, 1945 (Captain) US Tanker St. Mihiel, United States Merchant Navy (b. South Ohio, Yarmouth Co., NS) Rogers, Harold Melville April 3, 1943 (Flying Officer) 421 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force (b. Yarmouth NS) Sabean, Walter, Angus July 6, 1943 (Private) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (b. Kemptville, Yarmouth Co., NS) Simmons, Aubrey March 26, 1947 (Sapper) Royal Canadian Engineers (b. Yarmouth NS) Surette, Joseph Jeremiah June 26, 1945 (Private First Class) United States Marine Corps (b. Eel Brook, Yarmouth Co., NS) Thibeault, Jerry Louis December 2, 1943 (Torpedoman's Mate, Third Class) USS Capelin (SS-289),US Submarine Force (b. Port Maitland, Yarmouth Co., NS) Watson, John Crittenden May 7, 1944 (Lieutenant) HMCS Valleyfield, Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (b. Yarmouth NS) (10) Resident of Yarmouth County at Enlistment Bambrick, Robert Burnyeat December 22, 1941 (Captain) 6th Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery (b. Sidney Mines, NS ; Resident of Yarmouth, NS; husband of Ida Catherine Gordon Bambrick, Yarmouth, NS) Blackadar, Karl Kenneth May 7, 1947 (Major) Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (b. Meteghan, Digby Co.; son of Martha Blackadar, Hebron, Yarmouth Co., NS; Hebron resident) Irvine, Richard Reginald June 6, 1944 (Flying Officer) 426 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force (b. Dublin, Leinster, Ireland; resident of Yarmouth at enlistment) Nickerson, Herbert Eugene November 8, 1946 (Private) The Royal Canadian Regiment (b. Woods Harbour, Shelburne Co., NS; resident of Lower East Pubnico at enlistment) Nickerson, Osborne Charles December 6, 1944 (Able Seaman) HMCS Ville de Quebec, Royal Canadian Navy Reserve (b. West Head, Shelburne Co., NS; resident of Seal Island, Yarmouth Co., NS) Oikle, Winslow Earl June 7, 1944 (Corporal) 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, RCIC (b. Cape Sable Island, NS; resident of Yarmouth NS; brother of Mrs. Beatrice Lennox, Pubnico; enlisted at Yarmouth) Rice, Clarence Everett March 19, 1945 (Lance Corporal) Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (b. Lequille, Annapolis Co., NS; husband of Pearl Marie Rice of Yarmouth; resident of Yarmouth at enlistment) Ritcey, Charles Allister May 27, 1944 (Lieutenant) Princess Louise Fusiliers, R.C.I.C.; 11th Inf. Bde. Support Group (b. Lunenburg, NS; husband of Bertha Marion Ritcey, Vancouver St., Yarmouth; resident of Yarmouth at enlistment) Ruggles, Isaac Wilkins January 18, 1945 (Trooper) 1st Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment, R.C.A.C. (b. Lequille, Annapolis Co., NS; resident of Yarmouth) Smith, Frank Edgar December 23, 1943 (Lieutenant Skipper) Royal Canadian Navy Reserve (b. Cape Negro, Shelburne Co., NS; resident of Yarmouth; husband of Clara Mae Smith of Yarmouth NS) (10) Connection to Yarmouth by Wartime Marriage Bell, David November 30, 1944 (Flying Officer) 429 Squadron RCAF (b. Winnipeg, Manitoba; Husband of Barbara Ruth Currier [Dunlop], Yarmouth NS) Holobow, Frederick Michael April 13, 1943 (Warrant Officer Class I) 489 (RNZAF) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force (b. Watson, Saskatchewan; husband of Helen Louise (Cain) Holobow, of Yarmouth, NS) Kerr, James Colin October 10, 1944 (Lieutenant) Royal Winnipeg Rifles, RCIC (b. Winnipeg, Manitoba; husband of Alice Pearl [Pippy] Kerr, of Yarmouth, NS) Levesque, Edmond April 22, 1945 (Lance Corporal) Carleton and York Regiment, RCIC (b. Edmundston, New Brunswick; husband of Lea Marie Elizabeth D’Eon of West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., NS) MacLellan, James G. August 31, 1944 (Private) West Nova Scotia Regiment, RCIC (b. Big Marsh, Antigonish Co., NS; husband of Alice Geraldine (Moses) MacLellan, of South Ohio, Yarmouth Co., NS) Newman, Joseph Gerard September 1, 1942 (Flight Sergeant/Pilot) 5 OTU RAF, Royal Canadian Air Force (b. St. John, New Brunswick; husband of Helen Ferne [Brayne] Newman, Yarmouth, NS) Sherman, Lawrence June 13, 1944 (Flying Officer) 162 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force (b. Fort William, Ontario; husband of Mary Georgina Sweeney, daughter of Francis Sweeney of Yarmouth, NS) Thornton, Arnold Ernest September 22, 1944 (Private) Calgary Highlanders, RCIC (b. Amherst, Cumberland Co., NS; enlisted at Yarmouth; husband of Ann Berneice (Amiro) Thornton, of Yarmouth, NS) White, Albert Standford December 6, 1944 (Flight Lieutenant/Pilot) 113 Squadron, RCAF (b. Windsor, Ontario; husband of Anne Dora (Martin) White, of Yarmouth, NS) Wiseman, Carl William July 11, 1944 (Electrical Artificer 3rd Class) Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve (b. Dartmouth, NS; husband of Olive Wiseman, of Yarmouth North, NS) (1) Non Resident with Yarmouth Address at Enlistment O’Brien, Charles Stuart October 31, 1941 (Flight Sergeant) 76 RAF Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force (b. Moncton, NB; listed Lakeside Inn, Yarmouth as residence at enlistment) Page updated October 21, 2021
Remembrance Day Yarmouth Town and County November 11
Decades of easy peace may go their way And, tide, and time, may drift us far apart, But you who shared our savage yesterday Will hold the highest places in our heart.